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PBT GroupModular data ingest for internal and external data

Modular data ingest for internal and external data

The Company

A specialist financial services company that provides its clients with a direct connection to loans and insurance in a way that is most convenient for the client, giving its clients access to: Personal loans, Car Insurance, Life Insurance, Car Loans, Home Insurance and Health Solutions. 

The Business Challenge

To provide strategic, management and operational level reporting. The most critical requirement was to integrate this data rapidly, and enable the management of 1100+ call centres in their daily planning and operations.

The Solution

The solution ingested the following: Operational systems (SQL Server database via SQL Server Replication), Web logs (MongoDB), Credit Bureau Data (CSV, SAS). This was fed into a central ODS and DWH, for consistent, end to end BI solutions and services. A consistent standard was implemented, whereby all non-relational data was processed in the formal ETL solution, utilising SQL Server and SSIS. A Hortonworks cluster was setup for all non-relational sources. All non-relational data was acquired and prepared in the Hortonworks cluster, utilising a similar approach to the ETL. All Data Science workloads ran off the HortonWorks cluster, and all data required for reporting, was ultimately included in the standard SQL Server environment. All data was managed in a consistent, similar manner, and all management reporting and alerting on the data engineering solutions was managed via a single channel.

The Value Proposition

The solution was a critical dependency on the company’s bottom line, with the call centre being the primary outbound sales channel. Consistently applied ETL enabled a well managed solution that could scale efficiently. Modular ETL limited the impact of changes, and allowed for increased economies of scale