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PBT GroupIntegrating multiple sources in a common data model via an ODS

Integrating multiple sources in a common data model via an ODS

The Company

A leader in innovative banking, is continuously searching for better ways to optimize internal business processes to improve client experience and insights. The client growth is mostly attributed to a combination of continuous improvement and innovative product offerings. Maintaining such growth requires bleeding edge solutions to gain insights into external and internal information.

The Business Challenge

Implementing an ODS to support financial data integration from various source systems, whilst collating “Sub Ledger” and “General Ledger” data for ingestion by downstream financial systems.

The Solution

An ETL framework for defining configurations / dependencies / runtime loads in meta-data with automated technical auditing and business auditing and the ability to provide full data lineage and traceability. Data from multiple sources was loaded into a common financial 3NF model. This provided for a departmental ODS for specific integration capabilities but with full Enterprise ODS integration, usage, sharing and reporting.

The Value Proposition

The associated benefits and effort / cost savings of having a single platform for data integration for downstream system, for operational reporting and managing financial calculations pertaining to fast changing financial rules and legislations.