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PBT GroupA Standardised Data Analytics Solution in 20 Countries

A Standardized BI Solution in 20 Countries

The Company

An emerging markets mobile telecommunications operator, and one of the most valuable brands in Africa, at the forefront of technological and digital changes, offering voice, data and digital services to retail customers in the 22 countries.

The Business Challenge

Establishing standardization of information, its supporting rules and definitions, to enable consistent, timeous and accurate executive decision-making across all operations.

The Solution

The design, development, deployment, implementation, training and ongoing support of a standardized Business Intelligence solution in extremely challenging circumstances across 20 countries The solution, extracts data from many different network operators and complex source systems, integrating the information via various stages into a single data model with the presentation layer being accessible through standard reports, self-service capability, dashboards and advanced analytics functionality. PBT has maximized the capabilities of the supporting technologies to process huge data volumes of more than 200 million subscribers daily.

The Value Proposition

Much improved decision-making based on standardized KPIs, established significant synergies across its operations, resulting in the associated economies of scale.